carpe noctem

welcome to my tiny corner of the internet. this is currently a major work in progress. pardon the cobwebs.

I'm a physically disabled hippie vampire with a penchant for... filling things out. when I'm not trying to do my work, I variety stream, create art, play games, or work out. I'm currently playing final fantasy xiv, destiny 2, warframe (kind of), signalis, baldur's gate 3, and dnd 5e. I like mmos, mecha and tactical-core fiction, impressionist art, gothic lolita fashion, extreme sports, retro sci-fi, high fantasy, math... a lot of things. I'm a budding gundam builder, I collect figures and the like. I'm a hardcore raider in ffxiv and destiny 2 and I'm a lore fiend for both games.

this page will grow as I learn how things work, and the best ways to do what I wish to do. this is a joint effort between me and my spouse.

"the door may be closed, but it is not locked. knock, and I will answer with a smile."

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est. 15/12/2022

  • 25/4/24 - updated info & maybe fixed broken images (thanks discord.)
  • 22/5/23 - CSS update by glint
  • 18/5/23 - added page link, first webring!
  • 12/5/23 - updated style sheet by glint, entirely restyled.
  • 11/5/23 - bugfixes, graphics changes, updated home-page info.
  • 18/12/22 - very basic framework built and certain graphics added, plans to expand upon it continue apace.
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